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Employment Programmes

Our Human Capital

The Human Capital fraternity at Foskor is an integral part of running the Foskor business. Foskor is committed to attracting, developing and retaining employees who are the soul engine/catalyst to the success of our business. The Human Capital fraternity is continuously striving towards the enhancement of a true business partner and to establish the company as Employer of Choice. Talent Management has become a mandate for Foskor seeking to create competitive advantage through their Human Capital assets by improving current performance and proactively preparing for the future.

In line with its strategy, Foskor commits itself to: 

  • Providing all employees with access to learning opportunities which builds on their knowledge and skills and which provide them with a platform for further growth and development.
  • Providing learning opportunities and programmes which integrate theory and practical application.
  • Providing learning opportunities and programmes which are delivered through a variety of mediums and which makes best use of our technology and systems.
  • Enable skill acquisition through appropriate practical experience and exposure.
  • Providing fair, valid and reliable assessments that, where appropriate, result in the award of nationally recognised learning credits and qualifications.
  • Taking responsibility for and directing our own learning, growth and development.
  • Encouraging and directing others to learn, grow and develop.

Talent Acquisition

The purpose of Talent Acquisition is to identify tools and processes to increase Foskor's ability to acquire talent. Foskor aims to continuously ensure that we acquire the right Human Capital to meet current and future business objectives and create a work environment that can attract and engage employees to take ownership. We believe that embracing new employees are the heart of our business and by respecting each employee's unique skills we create a company that encourages remarkable success.

Talent Development

Learning & Development is a prerequisite for improved employee performance, for career development and for organizational growth. To this effect Foskor cultivate a culture of continuous learning by providing all employees with access to learning opportunities. Through talent development initiatives we discover, maintain and build each individual's competencies and potential. This approach creates a work environment that recognises employees and enables them to perform, excel and be recognised for their achievements.

We believe in empowering all staff with the knowledge and skills they need to help us grow the company, but also to develop personally. It is beneficial to both employees and employer, to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and expertise to meet current and future challenges within the sector. In addition to offering employees Learning & Development Programmes within the workplace, Foskor encourages employees to strive to enhance both their academic and professional qualifications.

Talent Retention

The purpose is to identify and retain critical talent in Foskor.  Retaining talented individuals continues to be an important driver of our Human Capital Strategy. Particular cognisance is taken of the need to retain women. Construct and deliver an effective Employment Value Proposition (EVP)

Various talent retention initiatives have been embarked upon:

  • Scarcity allowance for scarce and critical positions
  • Long-term and short-term incentive schemes
  • Sign-on bonuses

Further initiatives implemented and utilised as retention mechanisms are:

  • Leadership Development programmes
  • Executive Coaching programmes
  • Employee study assistance and
  • Employee dependant bursary scheme


Talent Succession

The purpose is to ensure that the identified talent is strategically ready to facilitate succession in the Company. Foskor is committed to a proactive succession planning strategy. Foskor's Succession Planning assists to ensure that the organization has the necessary talent to fill key positions timeously and it has the core competencies required to meet its business objectives and sustain excellent performance.  All critical skills have been identified and a specific succession program is in place to ensure the continuous availability of multi-skilled candidates at all times.

More than that, succession planning has to be coupled with change management, to become a tool to achieve Employment Equity and skills development targets. Promotions and transfers will be carried out regardless of race, sex, colour, creed, age, national origin, disability, or any other discriminatory category. Exceptions may occur that fall within the implementation of the company's Employment Equity initiatives, after due consideration of the inherent requirements of the position.


Employee Value

At Foskor, our employees are our most valuable asset.  Foskor is a values-driven organisation that is committed to setting the benchmark in our industry by living out our four core values in our organization namely, Resolve, Respect, Reward and Responsibility. People are drawn to the company because of its challenging work environment and opportunities for growth and development. Each employee’s contribution of talent is valuable to our overall performance.  Through talent management initiatives we discover, maintain and build each individual’s competencies and potential.  The objectives of our talent management strategy are talent acquisition, development, engagement and succession and retention of future leaders and successors in the company, with a strong focus on high performance and transformation.  This approach creates a conducive work environment that recognises employees and enables them to perform, excel and be recognised for their achievements.  We believe that embracing new employees are the heart of our business and by respecting each employee’s unique skills, we create a company that encourages remarkable success.

Graduate Programme

Foskor offers exciting opportunities and full-time employment with graduate in training programmes consisting of formal, informal and on-the-job training which adds to the success and experience of the graduates. We embrace, encourage and support our graduates to unleash their potential and strive to be dynamic, ambitious and highly skilled employees.  The company equips our graduates to be suitably qualified and valuable employees with energy and drive to make a lasting impression. All employees are offered a variety of benefits. Individual objectives are set and assessed bi-annually. At Foskor, the graduates work with HR Development staff and their managers to create individual development plans, outlining their projected career path within the organisation.

The most important graduate attributes are flexibility, adaptability, interpersonal skills, initiative, pro-activity, motivation, enthusiasm, communication skills and teamwork.

At the end of the three year development cycle, which starts when the graduate joins Foskor, the graduate entrant will have:

  • A broad knowledge and understanding of how their job contributes to the overall success of the company;
  • Developed the level of managerial skills required of a first line manager;
  • Developed clarity on their personal responsibility for developing their careers;
  • Had practical experience of a broad range of roles and development opportunities across their business function and
  • Established an active ongoing network which operates across the business.

 Areas of operations for Graduates

  • Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Metallurgy
  • Geology  
  • Logistics


Our Learnership programme includes training in specific disciplines, namely plant and engineering. Engineering learnerships are accredited through the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA). This training in Engineering will lead to full artisan status in trades such as Electrical; Fitting & Turning and Boilermaking.  Plant and Metallurgical learnerships are accredited through Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA) and the Mining Qualifications Authority. Foskor through agreements with Further Education and Training Colleges also assist with providing students access to work based learning opportunities.