Procurement Process Summary

A prospective Foskor supplier needs to be aware of the various procurement procedures within the company. These can briefly summarised as follows:

  • Upon a request based on operations requirements, the procurement department, in consultation with the user department will determine the relevant procurement strategy for the requirement
  • Quotations will be sourced from the various identified suppliers and on acceptance, an order will be placed via the JDE system. Please request an order number before invoicing.
  • Quotations must be submitted before tender closing date as specified in the tender document.
  • An invitation to tender will be placed in either directly or through the local dailies and / or in the key national papers as decided by Foskor. If deemed necessary, a site visit will be arranged. A tender box is provided at designated place. Alternatively, suppliers shall send their quote through email only to the notified email ID. A successful tender applicant will be notified in writing.
  • Quotations for emergency work done after hours or over weekends may be done manually.

Foskor’s RFQ’s (Requests For Quotations) and Tenders as well as suppliers’ official purchase orders can be downloaded from our trade portal at